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John Durkin Retires

John Durkin former Brigade Chair and Union Learning Representative has retired after 30 years service. The Brigade Committee would like to express our appreciation for John’s hard work and commitment to the FBU and the wider labour movement. Without volunteers like

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Firefighters seek clarity – government responses add to the confusion

Do Penny Mordaunt and Eric Pickles know the meaning of the word ‘guarantee’? As the imposition of the 2015 pension regulations approaches, firefighters are asking for clarity about their pension situation. The responses so far from DCLG have done nothing

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Transfer restrictions on the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme

The Department of Communities and Local Government have produced a document with information on pension transfer restrictions which will impact members of the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme. These restrictions, which will come into place 6 April 2015, were outlined in the HM

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Pensions: Why the DCLG Minister is wrong about early retirement factors

Dear Brother/Sister In the recent letter from DCLG Fire Minister Penny Mordaunt to Firefighters in England (18 December 2014), the Minister criticises the active early retirement factor method we have been suggesting should be utilised for firefighters retiring at age

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Pensions – background statement from the Executive Council

Dear Brother/Sister Please find below a Statement from the Executive Council provided to assist in the discussion in preparation for the Recall Conference. It should be read in conjunction with the Statement to the Recall Conference issued last week. Attacks

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Essex firefighters take strike action for third consecutive day against biggest cuts to frontline 999 services in counties’ history

Today (Friday) at 9am Essex firefighters and 999 control staff will commence the final period of strike action called in the recent series of short duration strikes. They have been on strike and locked-out without pay by fire chiefs since

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Action Short of Strike for Scottish Members

Dear Brother/Sister You will be aware that following the debate in the House of Commons on 15 December 2014, the union has been seeking clarification on a number of statements made by members of the Westminster government. One of the

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Shipley Demonstration for Tory MP Philip Davies Visit

The Brigade Committee just wanted to pass on all their thanks for the 50-60 people who turned up at Shipley firestation this afternoon. The Tory MP Philip Davies, got a warm reception on a cold afternoon and that is thanks

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Recall Conference – February 2015: Executive Council statement

Dear Brother/Sister You will note from the circular issued yesterday that a Recall Conference will take place on 10 February. The Recall Conference will discuss the latest developments in the union’s campaign on pensions. The Executive Council discussed this earlier

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All members Circular from Matt Wrack-Urgent request for information regarding my firefighter pension entitlement

Dear Brother/Sister I have this week written to all Fire Authority Chairs in England and Wales asking them for clarity in relation to firefighter pensions. This followed the House of Commons debate that took place on 15 December 2014 in

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