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A&E crisis: Fire service putting public at risk by sending untrained firefighters to medical emergencies

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have been accused of putting the lives of the public at risk by underhandedly sending their firefighters to medical emergency incidents that should be responded to by paramedics, the Fire Brigades Union has said today.

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Video | Pension and general election update

As the general election approaches and the 2015 Firefighters’ Pension Scheme is imposed Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, gives a detailed update to all firefighters on pensions changes, the ongoing campaign,where they can find vital information and attacks the Conservative

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Trade Union Restrictions in Tory Manifesto

Another reason to think very carefully about who you vote for on 7th May This is copied from the manifesto published yesterday We will protect you from disruptive and undemocratic strike action   Strikes should only ever be the result

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All members circular [0240MW] Pensions: The 2015 scheme is imposed but the campaign continues

On 1 April the 2015 firefighter’s pension scheme was imposed without agreement and with many of our key concerns unaddressed. The executive council position remains that the new scheme is still unworkable, most noticeably in England. Therefore our campaign continues. In

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