Local FBU Contacts

Dave Williams
E-mail David.Williams@fbu.org.uk
Phone 07967105224

Paul Drinkwater
E-mail Paul.Drinkwater@fbu.org.uk
Phone 07960477341

Martyn Bairstow
E-mail Martyn.Bairstow@fbu.org.uk
Phone 07909568545

Health and Safety Coordinator & Leeds District Secretary
Mick Loney
E-mail Mick.Loney@fbu.org.uk
Phone 07801575239

Political Officer, Regional Fairness at Work Coordinator & Bradford District Secretary
Dave Gillian
E-mail Dave.Gillian@fbu.org.uk
Phone 07837827657

Bradford District Chair
Jim Davis
E-mail spotland@sky.com
Phone 07743856751

Calderdale District Secretary
Martin Bairstow
E-mail bairstow2000@aol.com
Phone 07909 568545

Wakefield District Secretary
Matthew Herrin
E-mail matt.herrin@gmail.com
Phone 07984659721

Control Secretary, Union Learning and LGBT Representative
Maggie Meszaros
E-mail maggie.meszaros@fbu.org.uk
Phone 07944290969

Womens Representative/Vice Chair
Louise Connell