Brigade Chair Election

This just in from the Brigade Secretary


As you may be aware we have started a ballot for the FBU Brigade Chairs election.

As with the last 2 elections we have had lots of interest in taking the role on.

4 years ago the ballot was between John Iveson and Paul Drinkwater (John reluctantly couldn’t go to a full election at that time).

2 years ago the ballot was between Paul Drinkwater and Louise Connell (which resulted in 80% voting and was won by less than 50 votes).

This year WYFBU are incredibly lucky to have another 2 outstanding candidates seeking to take it on, they are Martyn Bairstow and Mick Loney.

I’m asking that you fully engage once again in this democratic process, ballot papers should be landing on station now and although the ballot closes on the 6th April, I imagine they will start to be collected from the 2nd April, so please vote early.

For our members at FSHQ, I have your ballot paper in my office ready for collection. If there any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours in unity,


David Williams
WYFBU Brigade Secretary

For those members who don’t recognise the names of either candidate, here’s a few photos, Martyn first, then Mick.

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