CFO and FBU to collaborate on firefighters pay

Following the all members circular sent to members last week regarding pay, Dave Williams (WY Brigade Secretary), spoke to the Chief about some concerns he had about it on Monday and he requested if he could address the Brigade Committee on Thursday (yesterday.)

We are pleased to report that John attendedĀ our meetingĀ and following a full and frank debate around pay, the Chief made the Brigade Committee an offer that we simply couldn’t refuse.

John reported that at national meetings both he and the Chair of the Authority have attend, he consistently raised a case for a decent and fair pay rise for Firefighters, and that these pay rises should be met by new funding so that further cuts do not have to be made to our Service. To further substantiate his commitment to that pay increase, John wants to work with the FBU in a collaborative manner in raising this issue.

These are very exciting times for WYFBU.

Never before has such an approach been made and the Committee are looking forward by the prospect and building on the industrial relations already formed in such a short time.


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