Pension’s Update

The FBU negotiating team met with Brandon Lewis on the 22nd and the 28th of January and again on the 11th February.

All Industrial action, including action short of strike, was suspended in order for these discussions to take place. The mandates for strike action and ASOS still remain ‘live’, so should talks break down, no future ballots will be required.

The three meetings with Brandon Lewis and his team were reported as being positive and resulted in the Fire Minister suggesting that the Government can provide firm guarantee’s which will address the union’s ” No Job, No Pension” concerns.

The FBU Executive Council has recently met on the 12th and 27th of February, to discuss the current negotiations. The national officers are satisfied that the talks have been genuine and have so far included actuaries and lawyers from both sides. The details being discussed are of a technical nature and require complex calculations and legal discussion. The Government and FBU actuaries and legal teams will meet regularly over the next couple of weeks. A further meeting with Brandon Lewis is also scheduled.

Since the start of this campaign over two years ago, the FBU has always stated they wish to resolve the pension dispute by negotiations, this is finally what’s happening! Our campaign has been a long and hard battle, but if we continue to stand together in unity, we can win the fight for a fair and just pension!

As soon as we hear of any developments that can be reported, we will update this news page.

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