Introductory Branch Officials & Handling Members’ Problems

This course “Introductory Branch Officials & Handling Members’ Problems” has been designed by FBU Head Office Education & the TUC Education Service to help Branch Officials improve their skills, update their knowledge and gain confidence as local Officials to organise effectively in their workplace, help members and represent them. During the course there will be opportunities to develop organising and representation skills, find out how to handle members’ problems in the workplace and take up issues and problems with management.

This course will be helpful for FBU officials who may have union responsibilities and functions covered by section 6 of the NJC agreement on Discipline, Grievance & Disputes etc. For example accompanying and representing FBU members at disciplinary hearings or representing members who have requested assistance with a grievance.

Course Aims

The course will help officials to:

 Understand their role and responsibilities as Branch officials

  • Find and use relevant information and resources including union policies, procedures and agreements
  • Improve practical skills including note-taking; interviewing members; running meetings and reporting back
  • Develop a systematic approach to help with handling members’ problems and casework, including helping members with disciplinary issues and grievances.
  • Make use of agreements to take up issues and problems with management



The Regional Official dealing with course applications should complete a separate copy of the application form on behalf of each of the region’s nominees for the course and returned as soon as possible to: Jan Ross, Fire Brigades Union, Bradley House, 68 Coombe Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 7AE, or


 Course Dates and Times

Monday 9 January 2017 – Wednesday 11 January 2017, at Wortley Hall, Sheffield, S35 7DB

Courses are scheduled to start with registration from 12.00, then lunch at 12.30 on the first day and finish with lunch at 13.00 on the third day, all participants should make arrangements to be at the advertised venue before the starting time on the first day.


The course is accredited within the TUC Education Service/National Open College Network Programme, FBU Officials completing the course will be able to claim the appropriate credit from the awarding body (NOCN).

For Course Application Form Contact Dave Williams


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