Members will be able to claim their leave lost to long term sick from 2009


You may have noticed that an email has been put onto the Firespace homepage by Area Manager Butters in relation to the grievance appeal Andy Imrie won for leave lost to sickness.
His victory means that members will be able to claim their leave back from 2009 if it has been removed unlawfully.

If this affects you could you Cc the Brigade Secretary (using his works email address David.Williams…………) into the email sent to Carole Grimwood or Jaqui Bradley in order that we can monitor the situation.

Finally from us, can you please make everyone is aware of this massive victory and what they should do next and make sure it’s discussed around the mess table.

Yours in unity,

WYFBU Brigade Committee

‘Leave Policy Amendments

Over recent years European legislation has been issued in relation to how much leave can be reimbursed to individuals following a period of sickness absence. These legislative changes resulted in changes to our own Grey book leave policy. These changes were made on the understanding that European legislation took precedence over previous collective agreements that existed in relation to leave.

During investigations triggered by a recent grievance appeal hearing brought by Ff Andy Imrie it was determined that this is not the case and the changes to the leave policy should not have been made without further collective agreement from the representative bodies.

In order to rectify this we are now asking that anyone who feels that they may have been adversely affected by this from April 2009 onwards (specifically in relation to how the reimbursement of leave lost to sickness was calculated) get in touch with the Human Resources department by email detailing the dates of sickness and leave lost (please email either Carole Grimwood or Jacqui Bradley). Leave reimbursement will then be re-calculated based on the 2009 Leave policy (the one that was in existence prior to the changes triggered by the European legislation). For clarity we have put the 2009 Leave policy back on to Firespace. Any reimbursed leave will be added onto individual’s current leave entitlement and arrangements will be put in place to allow leave to be carried over into the next leave year if individuals cannot take all the leave in the current year.

We are also aware that this may have affected personnel who have subsequently retired and we will be getting in touch with those staff to rectify this situation.

Some individuals will be aware that there were collective agreement signatures on the revised leave policies from the managers and officials of the representative bodies that were in place in 2009. This was an administrative error in leaving these signatures on from the original policy. No subsequent collective agreement was reached and as mentioned above the changes made were in the belief that the European legislation was definitive and no further agreement was required or necessary, therefore the signatures should have been removed at that point as they were not party to the further changes.

I would like to formally apologise to those that this adversely affected and we will endeavour to rectify this issue as quickly as possible.

Jim Butters

Area Manager

Senior HR Manager’

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