Pay Consultation Result

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Pay Consultation Result

Following a democratic consultation with our members, the FBU has decided not to accept the proposals on pay made by our employers.

The reasons for this rejection varied between members and across different parts of the union but they included:

  • A lack of clarity and certainty in the employers’ proposals.
  • ​Uncertainty about funding arrangements following years of cuts from central government.
  • ​The failure to clearly address years of falling real wages.
  • ​Concerns about the details of some of the areas of new work under discussion and consideration.
  • ​In at least one case, the introduction of completely inappropriate work into a fire and rescue service through the NJC trials.
  • ​​The failure of some employers at local level to address the serious concerns of staff on operational, safety, training and welfare issues in relation to the NJC trials.

​The FBU, through its conference has set out, debated and agreed a strategy for the future of our service, including discussing with our employers and with governments potential new areas of work and responsibility for the fire and rescue service. The success of these discussions was always dependent on sustainable funding, as well as addressing operational, safety, training and other issues. They were, and remain, dependent on addressing the pay and conditions of FBU members.

It is notable that not one of the governments in the UK (at Westminster, in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland) has seriously addressed the issue of sustainability.

These governments (and primarily central government at Westminster) bear the bulk of the responsibility for the situation in the fire and rescue service through their failure to engage with the fire and rescue service employers or with the FBU.

The FBU remains committed to discussing the future of our service, including the need to address the pay and conditions of firefighters. We urge governments to now address the issues of underfunding and investment, including the need to invest in new areas of activity.

As a result of the decision on pay, the current NJC trials on EMR and other work will cease on Monday 18 September (see circular 2017HOC0498MW).

Members are reminded that EMR and other activity outside the agreed role map is non-contractual and therefore employers cannot require or instruct employees to undertake such non-contractual activities.

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Matt Wrack
General Secretary

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