Pension Contributions To Increase Again From April!

New Pension Contributions From April 2014


1.3%  for Firefighters, taking them up to 14.2 %

1.5%  for CC & WC earning between £30-£40,000, taking them up to 14.7 %

1.7%  for Station managers, taking them up to 15.2%


 0.8% for Firefighters, taking them up to 10.4%

1% for CC & WC earning between £30-£40,000K, taking them up to 10.9%

1.1% for  Station managers. taking them up to 11.2%


DCLG have issued a summary of responses to the proposed increases to the 1992 and 2006 Firefighters’ Pension Scheme from 1 April 2014. This document also confirms the intention to increase the full amount despite the concerns that the FBU has raised. The Scottish Public Pension Agency has also issued a circular announcing the same increases.

The decisions to impose the full increases from 1 April 2014 is another attack on our pension rights and highlights the difficulty that the union has faced in influencing Government in respect of their current pension proposals. It marks another step in making our pension schemes less and less affordable.

The union is involved in ongoing discussions in relation to some specific scheme proposals and will shortly be in position to take an informed view on the Government’s overall position. It is obviously important to asses all aspect of the attacks on our pensions in the round. The Executive Council will be meeting to discuss this and all other developments and will consider this setback in their overall assessment.

Please ensure that you keep up-to-date with the situation as it develops through Branch meetings and the FBU website.

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