Shipley Demonstration for Tory MP Philip Davies Visit

The Brigade Committee just wanted to pass on all their thanks for the 50-60 people who turned up at Shipley firestation this afternoon. The Tory MP Philip Davies, got a warm reception on a cold afternoon and that is thanks to everyone, including members of the local community who saw an ideal opportunity to tell him what they thought…(we will be building relationships up with them after today, watch this space).
Special thanks go to the Shipley branch for providing the cups of tea, members who traveled from across the brigade (you know who you are) and our very own control rep/lgbt rep/ulr/superstar, Maggie Meszaros, who on a freezing afternoon dragged her family out of the house and went and demonstrated about station closures and firefighter pensions even though none of it directly effects her.
Solidarity at it’s best was seen today
Yours (always) in unity.
West Yorks FBU



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