Tax Rebate for Union Subscriptions Caution

Hi , just a brief word of caution on this from me as Brigade Secretary of the FBU as I have fielded dozens of phone calls about Union subscriptions in the last 12 hours.

If you read Mark’s link you will see what it says about tax relief.

In relation to uniform;

Uniforms include ‘recognisable uniforms’ eg a fireproof coat and ‘company branded uniforms’ eg a polo shirt and/or fleece displaying the name of the company. Provided that your employer does not provide on-site facilities to wash your uniform, you are entitled to claim a uniform washing allowance

This was a campaign ran by the Union some years ago and a lot of members (and non members) benefitted from a revised tax code and a rebate, you may be entitled to an allowance, but be aware if there is a washing machine at your station you may not.


There are thousands of unions/professional bodies in the UK that qualify for tax relief, provided they are approved by the tax office and form part of their ‘List 3’. 

If you go to that webpage … ief-list-3

you will see that none of the Unions recognized by WYFRS are on the list, therefore it is safe to say that union subscriptions for us (working in WYFRS) are not deductible at this time.

Yours in unity

Dave Williams

David Williams
Brigade Secretary 
Fire Brigades Union
West Yorkshire
07967 105224
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