Trade Union Restrictions in Tory Manifesto

Another reason to think very carefully about who you vote for on 7th May

This is copied from the manifesto published yesterday

We will protect you from disruptive and
undemocratic strike action
Strikes should only ever be the result of a clear, positive
decision based on a ballot in which at least half the
workforce has voted. This turnout threshold will be an
important and fair step to rebalance the interests of
employers, employees, the public and the rights of trade
unions. We will, in addition, tackle the disproportionate
impact of strikes in essential public services by introducing
a tougher threshold in health, education, fire and transport.
Industrial action in these essential services would require
the support of at least 40 per cent of all those entitled
to take part in strike ballots – as well as a majority of
those who actually turn out to vote. We will also repeal
nonsensical restrictions banning employers from hiring
agency staff to provide essential cover during strikes; and
ensure strikes cannot be called on the basis of ballots
conducted years before. We will tackle intimidation of
non-striking workers; legislate to ensure trade unions
use a transparent opt-in process for union subscriptions;
tighten the rules around taxpayer-funded paid ‘facility
time’ for union representatives; and reform the role of the
Certification Officer
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