West Yorkshire Efficiency Research Programme (cuts) Presentations

Dear West Yorkshire FBU members,

The Brigade Committee members have received numerous enquiries regarding the “Efficiency Research Programme” (cuts) presentations.
The Brigade Committee meeting on 6th July was the first opportunity that we had to discuss the presentation and your initial responses. Because the presentation is just an overview of possible future changes it is impossible for us to put together a comprehensive response which will be done once we have full details of any proposals from management.

Our primary concern remains protection of your Grey Book terms and conditions of service, your health and safety and the service to the public.
Please be aware that WYFRS’s Community Risk Management Strategy has stated that “Employee wages continue to be the main source of expenditure to the organisation and therefore efficiency savings need to focus upon reducing these costs.” Please think very carefully about your responses when revised shift patterns are being suggested which represent comprehensive cuts to hourly rates of pay.

We can assure you that we will engage fully with yourselves and management once formal consultation has started.

Yours on behalf of West Yorkshire FBU Committee

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